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Tallenge Admin October 26, 2012 Joining Tallenge FAQs

You can sign up using either a valid email-id or via your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.  

When signing-up using your email id, you will have to activate your Tallenge account through an activation mail sent to your mailbox. 

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Tallenge Admin October 17, 2012 Joining Tallenge FAQs

There is no cost involved in signing-up with Tallenge.

You do not have to pay any money, or buy anything, to participate in any contest on Tallenge. 

Tallenge Admin October 20, 2012 3 FAQs

Firstly, you get the immense satisfaction of competing against talent from around the globe, and winning! 

As a winner, you can win money, recognition and opportunities on Tallenge. 

Different contests on Tallenge may have different prizes on the basis of their popularity and the participation. For more details please check our Contest Calender -

Tallenge Admin October 27, 2012 Participating in a contest FAQs

See this ‘How To’ Video which will take you through each step of content upload on Tallenge.



Follow these easy steps to upload content on Tallenge:

a)      After signing-in to your account, click on your name at the top right of the page. You will reach your account area where you should click on the 'Upload New Entry’ icon.

b)      Upload your entry (video/audio/image/document) in any format from your PC. Click, ‘Upload File’. You can also provide a YouTube/Vimeo URL to your video.

c)      Once the file upload is complete, give a catchy, interesting title to your entry. A good title increases the chances for your piece of content.

d)      Add an appropriate category to your content. There are predefined categories you can choose from in the drop-down list.

e)      Put relevant tags to your entry. The algorithm will pick up and match your entry with other entries on the basis of these tags. The more relevant the tags, the better chances your entry has, to be matched with similar content.

f)       Group yourself under student, amateur or pro category based on your level of mastery over the talent you are displaying in the content you are uploading.

g)      Select the language in which the content is presented. This option is not displayed if you are uploading photographs.

h)      Put a thumbnail image for your content that best symbolize your entry. Thumbnail and title are the first things visible to the potential audience of your content.

i)         Give a proper description to your entry. Do not be lazy in putting a well-thought description because it is the description, title, category, and tags that the algorithm picks up, matches it to other similar entries and throws it up as the opponent of other contestants in the voting process. The better the description, the better chances your entry has, to match up with other entries resulting in better chances for getting votes.


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Tallenge Admin October 20, 2012 Participating in a contest FAQs

Yes, you can. And you must! Reap the benefit of the massive social network  you have built :)

Check out this blog ( on how to broadcast your entry to all your friends and invite them to vote for you.


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